Online resources access checklist

If you have encountered a problem with accessing online resources, please refer to these trouble shooting tips:

  • Check the journal title/ISSN for availability via Library collection, then go to the volume, issue and page.
    • Staff and eligible students may be able to submit an Interlibrary loan request if the desired Year/Volume/Issue is not available.
  • If you are using a saved or bookmarked URL which no longer works, we recommend that you search the Library collection for the item.
  • Read the public notes you see on the Library collection record as it may help you identify the problem.
    • You may need additional resource specific usernames and passwords to access some resources.
  • Make sure your computer meets necessary system requirements.
    • Try using an alternative supported web browser.
    • If you are encountering any difficulties viewing resources via your mobile device, you may need to try a difference device or view the resource on a computer.
    • Ensure your browser's saved website information (cookies, caches and history) have been cleared. Check your browser version on steps to do this.
    • Check for messages from your browser tools or security software that may be preventing access.
  • If you are accessing from off campus, you will be required to sign in via the authentication page using your UNSW staff or student zID and password.
    • UNSW Library supports single sign on and your off-campus authentication credentials will automatically be applied to myLibrary.
    • Check IT at UNSW and ensure you are using the correct staff or student zID number and zPass (if you are still having problems logging in, contact the IT Service Centre).
    • If you are an affiliate of UNSW, ensure you are not logged in to your own institution (you need to log out and sign in to myLibrary using your UNSW ID).
  • If you are using a UNSW VPN off campus, you will need to connect via the UNSW Library Resource VPN URL address to access Library resources (see UNSW Remote access (VPN) service).
  • If you are having difficulties with authentication, check again using either an incognito window (Chrome) or a private window (Safari and Firefox).
  • Try again as most access problems are temporary.
    • A temporary time-out may occur due to various reasons. Refresh the browser and/or perform the search again.
    • Occasionally the publishers' platforms will be down for system maintenance and you will need to try again at a later time.
  • Be aware that download restrictions and limits apply for accessing online resources.
    • Once blocked, you will need to try accessing these online resources at a later time.

If you are still experiencing problems, submit an eResource access issues form.

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