Publishing and sharing your research

Services to support researchers disseminate, share and preserve their research outputs.

Open access
Open access makes research outputs freely available online to read, download and use.
UNSW has published three open access journals on the Ubiquity Press platform.
Resources to help you find and publish open access content.

Managing your copyright
Guidance on how to manage copyright for your work.

Depositing your thesis
How to deposit your thesis.

Open access publishing agreements
Check your eligibility to publish openly under these agreements.

Potential research outlets
Identifying publishers or publications that align well with your strategic objectives and add value to your research.

Ethical publishing
Guidance for researchers about how to avoid predatory and unethical publishers.

ISBNs and legal deposits
Request an ISBN for teaching and research publications produced at UNSW and submit a legal deposit for publications produced in Australia.

Digital Object Identifier (DOI)
Guidance on obtaining a DOI at UNSW.


UNSW Library provides support to UNSW academics and researchers through the Faculty Outreach service. 

Contact your Outreach Librarian for assistance.