Copyright introduction

Find out about the basics of copyright including:

  • Moral rights
  • Duration of copyright
  • Use of copyright materials
  • Fair dealing
  • Open access
  • Plagiarism
  • Copyright protected works
  • Rights of copyright owners
  • Copyright ownership
  • Disability access
  • Events and public performances
  • Copyright infringements

Copyright for study and research

Find out about how copyright applies to you as a student, researcher, publisher and creator of copyright materials including:

  • Using copyright materials for study and research
  • Publishing your research
  • Copyright and conferences
  • Copyright and your thesis
  • UNSWorks (UNSW's Institutional Repository)



Copyright for teaching

Find out about providing course materials to your students including an overview of copyright for teaching and how to manage course materials for:

  • Text works
  • Artworks and images
  • TV and radio broadcasts
  • Films and videos
  • Music and sound recording




Who can help me with more information?

For general copyright queries submit an Ask a question form, visit a Help Zone or contact us.

UNSW staff and students can contact for assistance with a copyright query.

Information within these guides provides general guidance and does not constitute as legal advice. If specific advice is required, please contact UNSW Legal Office.