Open access

Open access publishing makes research outputs freely available online to read, download and use. This is in contrast to traditional publishing which restricts access, permitting only readers with access to a subscription to read the publication.

UNSW is committed to enabling open access to research outputs produced at UNSW and supports Australian Government open access mandates and initiatives to improve access to publicly funded scholarly information.

ARC and NHMRC policies

All publications associated with ARC and NHMRC funded research projects must be deposited into an open access institutional repository and/or made available in another open access format within a twelve month period from the publication date.

Full details of both policies can be viewed at:

Other funding bodies may also have open access stipulations in their agreements and researchers are advised to check their agreement terms closely to ensure compliance.

UNSW policy

UNSW staff and students are required to make research outputs openly available by depositing an appropriate version into the UNSW institutional repository (UNSWorks). Peer-reviewed journal articles and conference papers must be deposited within twelve months of publication. UNSW encourages making other research outputs such as non-traditional research outputs openly available via UNSWorks. Authors can also choose to publish directly in an open access journal, and then also deposit into UNSWorks.

Full details of the UNSW Open Access policy and guidelines can be viewed at:


Depositing an appropriate open access version of your research outputs into UNSWorks or a disciplinary repository (e.g. arXiv) is also known as self-archiving. The advantages of making outputs open access through self-archiving include:

  • a permanent freely accessible online home
  • a stable link for you to use when promoting your work
  • enhanced visibility of your research, allowing you to reach a broader audience (e.g. researchers outside of your discipline)
  • free access to your research
  • increased reach of conference papers beyond the days of the conference
  • long term preservation for your publication making it digitally secure for the lifetime of the repository

UNSW staff and students can deposit into UNSWorks via the Research Outputs System (ROS). When uploading to UNSWorks via ROS, it is important to deposit only copyright compliant versions of your work. Not all publishers allow you to self-archive, so it is important to check what your publisher permits before uploading a copy of your publication. SHERPA/RoMEO provides information on publisher copyright and self-archiving policies.

Where publishers permit self-archiving, often they allow only the author's accepted copy. Ensure you do not upload the final, published version unless permitted.

For assistance regarding open access policies or depositing your research outputs into UNSWorks, please contact your Outreach Librarian.

Managing your copyright

When submitting your work to a publisher, read the publisher/author agreement carefully. UNSW encourages researchers to retain copyright in their works where possible, or negotiate the terms of agreements with publishers to ensure they retain the right to use and self-archive with an access embargo no greater than twelve months from the publication date.

Additional information about copyright and author agreements:

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