Depositing your thesis

To receive your testamur on the graduation date, follow the 3 steps on this page.

You are required to submit two digital copies of the final and examined version of your PhD or Masters by Research thesis - a public version and a master copy.

Step 1: Master copy

The master copy will be archived and will not be publicly accessible. You must include the following mandatory documents in your master copy:

  • Thesis Title and Abstract sheet
  • Originality statement, Copyright and Authenticity statements
  • Inclusion of Publications Statement

You can access these documents via the Alumni portal in GRIS. You can print to PDF or take screenshots of the online forms and insert them behind the title page of your final thesis. Ensure you include checkboxes, including the green 'Candidate's Declaration' as shown in example document screenshots below.

Step 2: Public version

The public version must include the same mandatory documents as listed above for the master copy.


The public version of your thesis will be made available online. Ensure you adhere to the Copyright guidelines and modify the public version to exclude any third party copyright material for which permission has not been given.

Restricting access to your thesis

If you want to restrict access to your public version, indicate the date the restriction will be lifted when submitting your thesis online:

  • Restrictions up to 24 months do not require approval.
  • For restrictions greater than 24 months, it is necessary to obtain approval for a restricted thesis at least 6 months prior to the anticipated date of submission of the thesis. For more information see UNSW Higher Degree Research Hub

See example screenshots of the documents:

Your thesis must include the thesis title and abstract sheet, the originality, copyright and authenticity statements, and the inclusion of publication statement.

For more information see frequently asked questions for thesis digital deposit.

Step 3: Submit/Deposit digital copies of your thesis

Deposit your thesis

This button will take you to UNSWorks where you can select to Deposit a thesis from the Deposit menu. This site is currently under development. If you are unable to log in or need further assistance, contact the Library Scholarly Content team and include your zID.

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