Library Peer Mentors

Need help with your academic studies? The Library Peer Mentor service connects students with students.

Library Peer Mentors are students in their third year and above who can offer guidance with:

  • understanding your coursework
  • breaking down your assignment questions
  • navigating the Library collection and your course resource lists
  • finding the right research materials
  • sharing study skills and time management tips
  • encouraging you on your academic journey.

New and existing students are welcome to drop in and talk with their fellow students. Your Library Peer Mentors have diverse backgrounds and subject expertise across UNSW faculties and schools.

Connect with your Library Peer Mentors


Drop in Monday to Thursday 12pm to 6pm during term


Main Library study lounge - turn left as you enter through the Main Library entrance.
Or, use the mobile directory to locate the service.

Weekly tips and tricks events

Join us for our topic of the week chat and free afternoon tea.

Meet your Library Peer Mentors

Individual hours may change at short notice.


 School of Biomedical Sciences

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Languages: English

"I can help you out with scientific research and Biomedical Science."


Psychological Science Major in Neuroscience, Psychological Science Honours

Days: Monday

Languages: English, Tagalog

"I can help you with understanding your assignments, research skills, academic resources and talking out your stress."



Bachelors of Law and Economics (Econometrics)

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Languages: English

"I can help you with legal research and writing."



Bachelor Adv. Science (Pathology and Immunology), Starting PhD

Days: Monday, Wednesday

Languages: English

"I can help you out with navigating a degree in Science or Medical Science. Any queries about understanding homework, assignments, studying and the SBMS science honours are welcome."



Bachelor of Psychology (Honours)

Days: Tuesday, Thursday

Languages: English

"I can help you with understanding your course work, assignment structure, research skills and tips and tricks for developing healthy study habits."

Zi Yu


Master of Development Studies

Days: Tuesday, Thursday

Languages: English, Chinese (Mandarin)

"I can help you with general advice for arts, humanities and social sciences courses and specific tips for reading and essay writing."



Master of Design

Days: Monday, Tuesday, Thursday

Languages: English, Tagalog

"I can help you with any questions you have about art, design and the creative industry, presentation techniques and writing essays."



Bachelor of Computer Engineering

Days: Monday, Thursday

Languages: English, Mandarin

"I can help you out with time management, studying for Computer Science and college life."



Masters of Information Technology

Days: Monday

Languages: English, Tamil, Hindi

"I can help you out with Computer Science related queries, UNSW life and help resources."



Bachelor of Science (Ecology)

Days: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday

Languages: English

"I can help you with understanding your assignment, study tips and tricks, remembering information for exams, finding resources and any other query you might have about navigating uni life. I am doing an ecology major and have experience in social policy research from previous employment."



Biomedical research (Pathology, HDR), Commerce (Finance)

Days: Monday, Tuesday

Languages: English, Vietnamese

"I can help you with science and medical research, post graduate resources."



Bachelor of Commerce (FinTech) and Information Systems

Days: Wednesday, Thursday

Languages: English

"I can help you with understanding your course work and navigating your way through your Commerce degree, tips for studying abroad and career advice."



Bachelor of Design

Days: Tuesday, Wednesday

Languages: English, Hindi

"I can help you with transitioning into university, studying abroad and research and study hacks along with tips for your design journey."

Library Peer Mentor podcast

Listen to senior UNSW students share their tips and tricks for surviving and thriving at uni. Featuring your most requested topics, from finding friends to juggling deadlines. Find the Library Peer Mentor podcast on Spotify now.

Here's what some students had to say about their experience with Library Peer Mentors:

"Easy to communicate and friendly people."
"The mentors are extremely patient and they provide brilliant ideas with my research and academic requirements."
"Peer mentor was amazing and helped me a lot."
"Convenient, do not have to book in advance."
"Very patient in explaining to me all the resources available at my school.  It made it easier to cope with my studies."