Providing access to course resources

Access to course resources

How to provide course resources for your students
Steps to providing access to course resources.

Library service model for curriculum support
UNSW Library’s integrated approach to curriculum support

Ordering textbooks
Order your textbooks for your course.

Film and video resources
Access our streaming video content and request films for class screenings.

Open online course resources
Find resources suitable to use for open online courses.

Adding past exam papers
Access past exam papers provided by schools and faculties via the Library collection.

Resources for your students

Subject Guides
A starting point for accessing key subject resources.

Reference management software
Tools to assist your students with organising their references.

ELISE | Informing your studies
Online tutorial to assist your students develop skills in finding, using and evaluating scholarly information.

Information resources
Multidisciplinary information resources for study and research.

UNSW Bookshop
The bookshop produces print study kits. Refer to licensing conditions for individual publishers and copyright guidelines prior to submission to UNSW Bookshop.

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