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The Law Library at UNSW Sydney is organised according to Moys Classification Scheme. Moys has been specifically designed for legal materials and distinguishes between jurisdictions and between primary and secondary law. Check the item record in Library collection for Library level and item number. The item number tells you where print copies are located on the shelf. Signs at the end of each shelving bay show which numbers are found in that bay.

Ground Level

Digests Aust, NZ, USA, Can, UK
LREF Reference
L/K28- 166 Reference
L/KA Jurisprudence
L/KB General and Comparative Law
L/KC International Law
L/KD Religious Legal Systems
L/KE Ancient and Medieval Law
L/KL Treatises
L/KM Public Law
L/KN Private Law
L/KR Africa
L/KS Latin America
L/KT Asia Pacific
L/KV Europe
L/KW European Community Law
L/KZ Non-legal subjects
LQ/K28-KE Quarto books (oversized material)
LQ/KL-KN Quarto books (oversized material)
LQ/KR-KZ Quartos - International (oversized material)


L/K1 Journals
LQ/K1 Quarto Journals (oversized material)
L/KF British Isles
LQ/KF Quartos - British Isles (oversized material)
L/KG Canada, USA
L/KH Australia, New Zealand
LQ/KH Quartos - Australia, New Zealand (oversized material)

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