UNSW Press

The University of New South Wales Press is a not-for-profit company under the control of the University of New South Wales.

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The origins of the Press date back to the early days of the University, where an informal version of the press was started by the Students' Union as a way of generating revenue. On 13 March, 1961, Council discussed the terms of operation for the New South Wales University Press. It was decided that the Board would consist of ten members; five members nominated by the University Council and the remaining five by the Board of the Students' Union. The Constitution was later amended in 1998, so that the Board would be entirely nominated by the University.

The Press was formally incorporated on 22 December, 1961, and began its operations on 9 March, 1962.

Publications were initially sold from the Union Store in Ultimo. Alan MacDonald was the first general manager of the Press. In 1964 UNSW provided the Press with new premises in the former Randwick Tramway Workshops in Govett St.

In 1993, the New South Wales University Press was renamed the University of New South Wales Press to reflect the corporate identity of its parent company. At this time, the Press also followed the example of the University and adopted the abbreviated title "UNSW Press" for trading purposes.

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