The UNSW Library print map collection is located on Level 3, Main Library, Kensington. A summary list of the maps held with bay locations is available in the Map collection area. For assistance, ask at the Help Zone, Level 2.

You can access a number of NSW, Australian, and international maps online through government websites and various institutions.

Print maps within a series

Map series are available by searching the Library collection. Individual maps in a series may not be listed separately.

To locate a specific map from within a map series:

  • Search the Library collection to see if the Library holds that map series.
  • A full list of the map series held at UNSW Library with bay locations is available in the Map collection area:
    • Topographic maps - bays 12 to 19
    • Orthophoto maps - bays 20 - 24 (Note: the orthophoto maps are also available on CD and are located behind bay 20. You will still need the individual map number from the index).
  • If you are unsure of the name or number of the specific map you need:
    • use one of the index maps from vertical hanging bay 9 to locate the area you are looking for
    • use Map Index NSW or Map Index Australia to locate topographic maps
    • use Map Index Sydney to locate orthophoto maps (Note: for a more detailed index of the orthophoto maps ask at the Help Zone, Level 2)
    • check the online index map or listing for that map series.
  • Go to the relevant hanging bay to locate your map.

For further assistance with accessing maps from one of the map series ask at the Help Zone, Level 2.

Individual print maps

To locate individual maps that do not belong to a series:

  • Search the Library collection to see if the Library holds the map.
  • Refine your results by choosing Maps from Refine my results > Resource types and then Apply filters.
  • Go to the relevant hanging bay to locate your map
    • Individual maps - bays 1 to 5.

Australian maps

NSW Globe: an initiative of Land and Property Information
Contains boating, bicycle, groundwater, bore and environmental maps.

The Digital imaging geological systems contains Australian geological maps, cartographic plans, heritage maps and interpretation maps. It also provides access to exploration reports, coal records, and petroleum records.

NSW Spatial Services
Spatial Services offers a range of maps, spatial datasets, aerial photography and other imagery of NSW.

Aerial imagery
Free viewing of SIX Maps: by using SIX Maps you can zoom into any portion of the state and see aerial imagery, property boundaries and streets, and other free online features.

Historical land records viewer (HLRV)
Use this site to access the NSW historical parish, town, county and municipal maps via the Historical Land Records Viewer. There are also images of pastoral maps, which show pastoral runs from the mid-1800s.

Nearmap provides high quality PhotoMaps over Australian cities and towns that are updated monthly. Features include TimeView, MultiView and Terrain.

A global population database which has maps and data on the global population.

Interactive maps
A discovery and exploration view of Geoscience Australia's geospatial services.

Australian atlas of minerals resources, mines, and processing centres
Developed by Geoscience Australia in partnership with Minerals Council of Australia and Department of Resources, Energy and Tourism.

A free online database that provides comprehensive information about Australia's coast, including its estuaries, coastal waterways and climate change impact. You can view maps and download data.

Search maps of Australia and the world. The maps collection includes early European charts to current mapping of Australia in digital and print form.

An openly available resource created by the Australian Government that overlays key information over a map of Australia. It allows map-based access to spatial data from Australian government agencies.

International maps

NZ Topo Map
An interactive topographic map of New Zealand using the official LINZ's 1:50,000 / Topo50 and 1:250,000 / Topo250 maps, as well as 1:25,000 / Topo25 maps for some of the outer islands.

Perry-Castañeda Library map collection
A general collection of more than 250,000 maps covering all areas of the world.

Philippe Vandermaelen: Atlas Universel (1827)
Digitised version of Philippe Vandermaelen's Atlas Universel, consisting of approximately 380 conically projected sheets of maps and 40 pages of statistical tables in six volumes.

Library of Congress map collections
This resource comprises map collections made freely available by the Library of Congress. Collections include national park maps, railroad maps, American Civil War maps and many more.