UNSW Library provides access to some of the world's leading image collections. Refer to the copyright and licensing terms of use for each specific collection.

Art images

Art > Art images Subject Guide
This guide contains a valuable selection of resources for art images.

Medical images

Acland's video atlas of human anatomy
Uses high quality 3-D images of un-embalmed human specimens to illustrate anatomical structures. There are 5 sections covering: the upper extremity, the lower extremity, the trunk, the head & neck and the internal organs.

Primal pictures
An interactive resource which includes learning and teaching modules covering basic human anatomy and focusing specific areas of the body. Covers the 3D human anatomy, a study guide, quizzes and clinical videos.

Open online images and illustrations

Open online course resources > Images and illustrations Subject Guide
This guide was created for teaching staff but is also useful for students.

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