Australian government information

Guides to Australian government

Australian politics and government
Provides introductory information about the structure and background of government in Australia.

New South Wales government
Major entry point for all NSW government information.

Parliamentary debates - Hansard

House of Representatives Hansard
Online access to edited transcripts of debates in the House.
1996 - current (PDF and HTML)
1901 - current (HTML only)

Senate Hansard
Online access to edited transcripts of debates in the Senate.
1996 - current (PDF and HTML)
1901 - current (HTML only)

NSW Parliament Hansard & Papers
The record of daily business before NSW Parliament.

Parliamentary papers

Parliamentary papers are reports tabled in parliament.
Those described as ordered to be printed are published and can include annual reports of government departments, committee reports and white and green papers.

Commonwealth Parliamentary papers: Tabled papers

House of Representatives: powers, practice and procedure
Provides publications and detailed information about the workings, procedures and practices of the House of Representatives.

Senate: powers, practice and procedure
Provides a selection of publications of the Senate, including a copy of the Constitution.

Government gazettes

Government gazette of the state of New South Wales
1832 - current

Information published in government gazettes includes:

  • Appointments and employment
  • Budgetary papers
  • Freedom of Information
  • Index and Contents (cumulative indexes and content listings for individual issues)
  • Government notices (including registers of medical professionals, licensing, honours, electoral notices, trade registrations and population statistics)
  • Private notices (legal notices including bankruptcies, company registrations and local government matters)
  • Proclamations and legislation
  • Tenders and contracts (including requests for tender and notifications of approved contracts)

Parliamentary sites

Australian, state, territory & local governments
The Australian whole-of-government entry point. Provides links to the entry points for Australian state, territory and local governments.

Parliament of Australia
Provides links to the Senate and House of Representatives, bills, publications and extensive information and research.

Government publications

GovPubs: the Australian government publications guide
Guide to selected Australian government publications, such as acts, Hansards, gazettes and parliamentary papers. Available online or in Australia's national, state and territory libraries. Site no longer actively maintained on a regular basis.