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Purchase recommendations

Purchase recommendations are assessed by subject specialist librarians to ensure they are aligned with the UNSW Library Collection Development Strategy, the research needs and the learning & teaching requirements of UNSW.

Purchases may take between 6-10 weeks to be available to the requester depending on format, extended shipping times due to COVID-19 restrictions and staff availability. The Library can currently only accept purchase recommendations from teaching and research staff and HDR and PhD candidates.

Teaching staff

If you require purchase recommendations for teaching, continue to add items to your Leganto course resources lists. For advice on using Leganto or to discuss your recommendations, contact your Outreach Librarian.

Order textbooks and recommended readings for your course.

UNSW Library's Service model for curriculum support can assist you in integrating resources and other tailored digital learning objects into your teaching.

Research staff

Contact your Outreach Librarian to discuss purchase recommendations, providing a brief explanation of how the recommendation relates to your research.

HDR and PhD candidates

Contact a subject-specialist librarian via Expert on demand to discuss purchase recommendations.


Students should contact their subject-specialist librarian via Expert on demand to assist them in locating resources for their research.

Journal subscription recommendations

Contact your Outreach Librarian to discuss journal subscription recommendations.

Before submitting your recommendation:

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