How to provide course resources for your students

Outreach Librarians can assist you with finding online resources and getting your lists up and running as quickly as possible.

Creating a course resources list using Leganto

  • create dynamic lists of relevant, up-to-date materials gathered from a range of sources including the Library collection, internet and multimedia resources
  • easily manage and update course resources
  • link course resource lists via a course management system, e.g. Moodle
  • submit Library digitisation requests
  • add mandatory items to lists, either electronic or print (available in the High Use Collection - HUC)

For more information see our Leganto guide or contact your Outreach Librarian for further assistance with course resources.

Leganto support for academics

Leganto - Getting started tutorial: interactive guide while you use Leganto

Leganto guide: guidance on creating a course material list, adding resources, sharing with your class and troubleshooting

Leganto introductory video