Food in the Library

We recognise that when you are focused on your work it is convenient not to leave the Library for something to eat. Cold snacks (including fruit and biscuits) may be eaten in most spaces in the Library. Hot food and meals may be eaten in one of the kitchenettes or designated eating areas provided in Main Library, Law Library and Paddington Library. Hot and cold drinks (non-alcoholic) are also permitted but please ensure that they are in a covered container (e.g. use a bottle cap or a cup with a lid).

Food and drink should not be consumed in the following areas:

  • Near special art collections.
  • Near Library equipment such as computers, printers, photocopiers, audio-visual equipment, etc.
  • Any other spaces designated as a no food space.

As a part of the Library conditions of use policy, please work with us to protect the Library collection and facilities for the comfort of all clients:

  • Keep the lid on your drink container while moving around the Library.
  • Clean up small spills and alert Library or Security staff immediately about larger spills so cleaning can be arranged.
  • Dispose of empty containers in non-paper recycling bins.