Worlding With Oysters: Sarah Jane Moore

In this exhibition Dr Sarah Jane Moore asks us to listen to the Bandangi - the Sydney Rock Oyster.

14 October - 13 November 2020

Level 5 Main Library

Dr Sarah Jane Moore

The poetics, songs and artworks presented in Worlding with Oysters are a result of Dr Sarah Jane Moore observing and interpreting the research of Dr Laura Parker, Indigenous Scientia Fellow in the School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences, who aims to 'future-proof' natural oyster populations through building resilience to ocean warming and acidification. This dialogue between art and science opens up a space to embrace Indigenous knowledge, understandings and wisdoms, where the revitalisation of cultural practices is a call to arms to care for Sea Country.

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Events from this exhibition

Australia Awards student workshop

During NAIDOC week, international students with scholarships through the Australia Awards program participated in an art-making and storying Making Circle with artist Dr Sarah Jane Moore (School of Biological, Earth and Environmental Sciences). Students ‘built a reef’ of respect in a guided art-making and storying session that embraces Indigenous ways of knowing and sharing.