Photo with title of exhibition overlay. Photo by Hoda Afshar, more information below.

Peoples and Landscapes in Motion: from Silk Roads to Australia

Presenting the artworks of four eminent Australian artists Barat Ali Batoor, Hoda Afshar, John Gollings and Muzafar Ali, this exhibition showcases the diversity of humanity and geography along the ancient Silk Roads from Iran, Afghanistan and the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, China. It is an intimate depiction of memories of home and land, trauma and resilience, longing and belonging, and arresting documentation of the cultural and spiritual landscapes that have helped shape the enduring history of these communities.

Peoples and Landscapes in Motion is curated by Ayshe Eli and Louise Edwards. This exhibition is organised by SilkRoads@UNSW, in collaboration with the UNSW Women's Wellbeing Academy, UNSW Library, and School of Humanities and Languages.

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Online launch event: Tuesday 26 October 2021, 5pm

In addition to introducing the participant artists, the opening event featured the performances of two prominent musicians - Iranian Australian singer and Kamancheh player Gelareh Pour and Uyghur Australian Muqam performer and multi-instrumentalist Shohrat Tursun.

Left: Gelareh Pour playing bowed-string instrument Kamancheh, Right: Shohrat Tursun playing two-stringed dutar

Images: (left) Gelareh Pour, photo by Artificial Studios, (right) Shohrat Tursun, photo by Stephen Mifsud

Top image: Hoda Afshar, from the series In the exodus, I love you more (2014 - ongoing). Courtesy of the artist and Milani Gallery, Brisbane.

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