Do Something! An exhibition showcasing creative interventions & responses to climate change. Wicked collective project 01.


Exhibition: From 12 September to 18 November 2022, UNSW Main Library Level 5

Opening event: Wednesday 21 September 2022, 6pm.

A digital version of !DO SOMETHING is available as an Online Exhibition.

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What students and staff from the Arts, Design and Architecture Faculty have been doing in response to the climate change crisis.

Climate Change is the dominant wicked problem of our time: there is no single solution; the boundaries are difficult to define; and it is influenced by complex, interdependent and rapidly changing factors.

In response to Bruce Mau's MC24 Principle 'New wicked problems demand new wicked teams' (24 Principles for Designing Massive Change in your life and work), The Wicked Collective for Climate Change and Sustainable Development was established in 2021 by five committed academics from the School of Art and Design. We believe that artists, designers, academics, and students need to work together across disciplinary boundaries to effectively respond to the wicked problems confronting us.

This exhibition presented creative responses and interventions to the wicked problem of Climate Change from students and staff across the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture (ADA). These works all relate to one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and were created since the formation of ADA in 2020. !DO SOMETHING was part of the ADA Now Festival 2022.


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A gallery space with four separate artworks. Artworks include a video projection with a display cabinet, ceramics on a plinth, printed photographs mounted on the wall, and two iPads with headphones.
A gallery space with several separate artworks. Artworks include a video projection, objects in two display cabinets, a textile work on a dressmaker’s mannequin, colourful wall-mounted textile works, and sculptural objects on two wall-mounted shelves.
A gallery space with four separate artworks - six colourful wall-mounted textile works, four smaller red and white wall-mounted textile works, a shelf with seedling cards and sprouting greens, and a shelf with seven small, dark heart-shaped sculptures.
Photo of a gallery space with several artworks. Artworks include a hanging fabric with natural-coloured stripes, mannequins with handmade textile clothing, three display cabinets with objects, a video projection, and wall-mounted textile works.
Title wall of exhibition space with a bright orange, black and white text design. Two artworks sit on white plinths next to the title wall – a large, white 3D printed coral-like object on the left, and a small, translucent orange handbag to the right.
Gallery space with several artworks. Artworks include three wall-mounted handmade textile works, a mannequin with a recycled denim outfit, a display case with a black and white textile work, and a mannequin with a cream-coloured, fabric-woven outfit.
Gallery space with several artworks. Artworks include a framed and wall-mounted illustration, collage, and several photographic works, a video work on a flat panel screen, and a ceramic work on a plinth.
A gallery space filled with people socialising.
A man and two women standing against the orange title wall of the exhibition.
A gallery space filled with people socialising.
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