Copyright introduction

Find out about the basics of copyright including:

Moral rights  -  Duration of copyright  -  Use of copyright materials  -  Fair dealing  -  Open access  -  Plagiarism  -  Copyright protected works  -  Rights of copyright owners  -  Copyright ownership  -  Disability access  -  Events and public performances  -  Copyright infringements

Copyright for study and research

Find out about how copyright applies to you as a student, researcher, publisher and creator of copyright materials including:

Using copyright materials for study and research  -  Publishing your research  -  Copyright and conferences  -  Copyright and your thesis  -  UNSWorks (UNSW's Institutional Repository)

Copyright for teaching

Find out about providing course materials to your students including an overview of copyright for teaching and how to manage course materials for:

Text works  -  Artworks and images  -  TV and radio broadcasts  -  Films and videos  -  Music and sound recording

Who can help me with more information?

For general copyright queries submit an Ask a question form, visit a Help Zone or contact us.

For academic queries, please contact your Outreach Librarian.

Information within these guides provides general guidance and does not constitute as legal advice. If specific advice is required, please contact UNSW Legal Office.

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