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UNSW Magazine is the University's flagship publication and reports on issues affecting the tertiary education sector and the latest developments in UNSW's research and teaching. From 1975 to 2014 it was known as Uniken. The title Uniken derives from 'Uni' representing the University and 'ken' for Kensington and knowledge. In 2015 the name was changed to UNSW Magazine.

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Uniken cover No 1 of 1975 - 2400 Late starters seek metropolitan uni entrance
Uniken cover No 7 of 1975 - Last UNSW conferring at Wollongong
Uniken cover No 13 of 1975
Uniken cover No 7 of 1976 - Headlines include First Law graduation, Mature age students get more time to organise. 'Snail' romps home!
Uniken cover No 1 of 1977 - Headlines include The AGSM opens its doors, TEAS changes delayed, The latest on parkging
Uniken cover No 2 of 1979 - Headlines include Welcome to UNSW, Pool progress
Uniken cover No 16 of 1983 - Headlines include World's best solar cells from UNSW, Space shuttle aids search for desert water
Uniken cover No 8 of 1988 - Headlines include Welcome to our Univeristy! Open Day, Calling all non-sleepers!
Uniken cover No 2 of 1991 - Headlines include Orientation '91, New moves on student accommodation crisis
Uniken cover No 16 of 1996 - Headlines include UNSW begins big shake-up of its structure and functions, Dalai Lama predicts less bloodshed next century
Uniken cover No 17 of 1998 - UNIKEN: Evolution over years
Uniken cover No 1 of 1999 - The Wizard Returns?
Uniken colour cover Issue 14 June 2004 - Life is beautiful Anatarctica
Uniken colour cover Issue 17 September 2004 - Indigenous UNSW
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