Tharunka is a University of New South Wales student magazine. Established in 1953 at the then New South Wales University of Technology, Tharunka has continued to be published in a variety of forms by various student organisations. As UNSW's longest running student publication, Tharunka is the political, social and cultural journal for all students on campus.

Tharunka is available online in the UNSW Digital Collections with the latest volume available the following year.

Archived newspaper articles of Tharunka from 1953 - 2010 are fully searchable on Trove, making this historical social archive easily accessible.

Note: Volumes may not contain all issues. If you have missing issues that can be digitised, please contact the Library.

Select image to see a page from past Tharunka issues.

Tharunka cover (black & white newspaper): Students sold down the river... (again!)
Tharunka cover styled as per local newspaper: The Sydney Moaning Tharunka
Tharunka cover decorted manuscript style: Ye Olde Tharunka
Tharunka cover newspaper style: Tharunka Editors Guilty
Tharunka cover: Tharunka meets Rolling Stones with image of band holding paper
Tharunka cover: Open Day Sept 13 special supplement
Sketch image of skeleton soldier with text - I am buried by the mistakes of the "Liberal" party in Vietnam
Tharunka cover: Watergate
Tharunka cover with image of back of someone holding overcoat open and people scoring: Sydney's flashiest newspaper!
Tharunka article: Library Herpes Scare! Air-conditioning Blamed!
Page similar to TV Week magazine: Up the TV Creek inc picture of kangarro with Skippy's cancer victory: "My days of agony are over"
Cover page similar to The Bulletin magazine of the time: The Bullshittin' with Pissweak - Looking back on the '90s
Tharunka cover showing man in bed on the Library lawn: In bed with... Tharunka
Tharunka cover colour strips and terms for Gay Pride
Tharunka cover similar to National Geographic magazine of the time: Trivial Geographic
Tharunka cover similar to News magazine of the time: Weekly UNSW News - Aliens seek galaxy class education!  & Exclusive! tharunka Editors: Are they all monkeys?
Tharunka cover: Womens Edition with colourful artwork depiction of female reproductive system
Tharunka cover showing 4 hand drawn Sydney region maps with categorised areas: Sydney according to the North Shore, Eastern Suburbs, Inner West and the Shire
Tharunka cover: Womens edition with strategically placed pictured of red lipstick lips creating a shape
Tharunka cover with spaceship artwork portraying environment impacts from CIA and The Greens spaceship rays
Tharunka cover: UNSW support services with images of yellow paint roller covering over wheelchair icons
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