Statistics are published on the internet and in print publications.

The best strategy for finding statistics is to identify the stakeholders (governments, companies, organisations) and do a thorough search of their publications and web pages.

Australian statistics resources

Australian Bureau of Statistics
Provides census data and a range of statistical data on all areas of Australian life including demography, labour force, population and housing, business activity, building, immigration.

Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) | Historical publications index, 1907 to 1993
Lists the national published output of the ABS published between 1907 and 1993. State publications are not included.

The Australian Data Archive (ADA) provides a national service for the collection and preservation of digital research data. ADA covers Social Science, Historical, Indigenous, Longitudinal, Qualitative, Crime and Justice, and International data. To access data a user must first register with ADA.
An easy way to find, access and reuse Australian public data.

NSW Centre for Education Statistics and Evaluation (CESE)
Since 2012 CESE has been collecting, analysing and evaluating New South Wales education related statistics to support teachers and educators.

.idCommunity | Local government statistics
Provides suburb-based community profiles for local councils in Australia and New Zealand. Profiles highlight social and economic factors via an easy to use interface.

International statistics resources

International programs
Demographic, economic and geographic studies of other countries conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau aimed at strengthening statistical development around the world through technical assistance, training and software products.

Free web access to statistics compiled by the UN and its agencies through a single entry point. It covers a wide range of themes including Agriculture, Crime, Education, Employment, Energy, Environment, Health, HIV/AIDS, Human Development, Industry, Information and Communication Technology, National Accounts, Population, Refugees, Tourism, Trade, as well as the Millennium Development Goals indicators.

UNESCO Institute for Statistics
Global and internationally comparable statistics on education, science, culture and communication for more than 200 countries and territories.
Excellent and growing source for raw data, including 5 pages on data sets on labour and employment.

International Historical Statistics
International Historical Statistics (1750-2010) is the latest edition of the most authoritative collection of statistics available. Provides key economic and social indicators for the last 260 years.


For more information on statistics see Epidemiology & health statistics, Country information & statistics and Company & industry information subject guides.

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