Artwork image from cover of noise magazine, 1963-1964


Noise was a University of New South Wales magazine produced by the Arts Faculty Society for the Students Union Council from 1963-1966. The 1963-64 edition was edited by Richard Neville and the covers designed by Martin Sharp.

Richard Neville, the famed Australian counterculture figure, was an Arts student at UNSW in the early 1960's. He was also editor of Tharunka and along with Honi Soit editor Richard Walsh and Martin Sharp, went on to publish Oz. Over the life of Oz the three were charged with printing an obscene publication on 2 occasions. Neville and Sharp went on to found London Oz in 1967. More charges of obscenity followed. His contemporaries in London included Germaine Greer, John Mortimer and Geoffrey Robertson. On returning to Australia, Neville worked as an ABC radio broadcaster, a writer for the New York Times, the Village Voice and appeared on the Midday Show in addition to founding the Futures Foundation. He died in 2016.

All editions of Noise: magazine of the University of New South Wales are available in the Library collection.

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