Literature review

Literature reviews

A literature review is a critical summary, analysis and evaluation of the research that has been carried out in a particular field of study. It can form part of a research thesis or it can stand alone as a separate document.

As there is no single method for writing a literature review, it is important to consult with your supervisor/academic/faculty to see if there are any specific requirements you need to follow.

To find examples of literature reviews, search the Library collection:

  • type the general or broad search term for the subject or discipline you are interested in, into the search box
  • next to your search terms type "literature review", including the quotation marks
  • narrow down your results by choosing Dissertations from Refine my results > Resource Type and then APPLY FILTERS

The same search can be done for systematic reviews by typing in "systematic review" instead of literature review.
Find more on systematic reviews in the Systematic reviews subject guide.

Postgraduate and honours students can book a Research consultation with a subject specialist librarian for support in developing or refining search strategies for their literature review. 

The UNSW Learning Centre provides resources on conducting literature reviews and a list of frequently asked questions.




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