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New resource - British Online Archives (BOA)

30/04/2018 - 11:32am

British Online Archives is an online platform that brings together digitised images and descriptions from a wide range of archives held at institutions across Britain. It contains materials related to British history including the colonization of America, India, Africa, the West Indies, New Zealand, Australia and Melanesia. The collection contains sources that relate to both politics and history.

The British Online Archives has over 80 individual collections grouped within 12 thematic series as follows:

i)      American Studies: the colonization of North America and the American Revolution
ii)     British Broadcasting Corporation, 1927-2002
iii)    The British Industrial Revolution: mills and education
iv)    Communist Party of Great Britain archive
v)      Governing Africa: British records from African countries under colonial rule
vi)     Politics and Protest: from major party politics to popular protest and parliamentary history
vii)    Power and Preachers: India under colonial rule
viii)   Representing Britain: international relations and diplomacy
ix)     Running the West Indies: British records from West Indian countries under colonial rule
x)      Spreading the Word: British missionary work around the world, 1808-1967
xi)     The Trade in People: The slave trade in African and the West Indies
xii)    The World Wars: firepower and fascism at home at abroad

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