Extended Reality

05/02/2019 - 4:58pm

Exhibition: 11 - 15 February, UNSW Library Exhibitions Space Level 5
Opening: Wednesday 13 February, 5.00pm – All welcome

UNSW Library and PVCE’s Educational Delivery Services present this interactive exhibition of immersive learning experiences that have been developed by UNSW. Join us for an opening night with the team behind these technologies and try them for yourself.

This suite of Virtual and Augmented Reality experiences, designed for the classroom, provide students with opportunities to engage with their disciplines in innovative and inspiring ways through experience-based learning. These ‘XR Learning Objects’ connect to an Immersive Data Analytics Dashboard that visualises interactive and spatial data as meaningful learning measurements which academics can track in real time. Included in the exhibition are VR experiences for teaching language which are among the world’s first created for use outside of the STEM disciplines.

This exhibition is a chance to try out these emerging educational approaches and see what they can offer the university experience.

Opening night speaker in front of installation title text
Opening night speakers and design team lined up in front of the exhibition
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