A patent is a legal document that protects new and original inventions, substances, products, methods, processes and devices. It gives the patent owner exclusive rights to commercially exploit their invention for the lifetime of the patent.

Each country controls its own patent application process. IP Australia is responsible for processing and granting Australian patents.

The databases below provide access to current Australian and international patents, patent applications and lapsed patents.

Online patent databases

Engineering village patents

Australian patents from 1904.

Google patents
US Patent Office.

Espacenet patent search
European Patent Office.

Canadian patents database

DOE patent database
US Department of Energy.

Subject databases that include patents

Limit results to document type - patents.


Lexis Advance
Select patent sources by clicking the Legal tab then the Patent Law link.

National Technical Reports Library (NTRL)



ProQuest science & technology databases

Patent organisations

IP Australia
Patents, trademarks, designs and plant breeder’s rights.

World intellectual property organization (WIPO)

United States patent and trademark office (USPTO)

Canadian intellectual property office

UK intellectual property office

The European patent office (EPO)

Japanese patent office (JPO)

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