Conditions of borrowing

Conditions of use

  • Always present your card when borrowing
  • The card is not transferable
  • You agree to accept responsibility for all items issued on your card and agree to return all items by the due dates
    • the due date may change if the item is recalled
  • If your card is lost or stolen, notify UNSW Library and the relevant University department (UNSW staff contact Estate Management and UNSW students contact The Nucleus) immediately as you may be held responsible if items are then borrowed with your card

Your responsibilities

  • Return items including recalled items by the correct due dates as you will be blocked from borrowing until overdue items are returned
    • please note that if you return overdue items outside of staffed library hours, you may not be able to borrow again until the next working day
  • Ensure that items on loan to you are returned to the Library before travelling away from Sydney as items can be recalled at any time
  • Pay accrued fines as you will be blocked from borrowing once your Library fines reach $20.00
  • Check myLibrary regularly

Lost or stolen cards

Report your lost or stolen card immediately to the Help Zone to prevent illegal use.

The cost of card replacement is $25.00. To obtain a replacement card:

  • UNSW staff contact Estate Management
  • UNSW students contact The Nucleus
  • Non-UNSW clients, see library staff in the Help Zone at the Main Library

Library notifications - email

UNSW Library may send notifications to you via email. These notifications relate to requests, recalled items, overdue items and fines for lost items.

Notifications are sent to your official UNSW email account. Notifications for non-UNSW clients are sent to the email address nominated on your application form.

If you use a SPAM filter, ensure you include as a legitimate sender of emails.

All notifications from UNSW Library are a courtesy only and non-receipt of a notification is not considered a valid reason to waive fines. Notifications may fail to reach your email due to factors beyond UNSW Library's control. It is your responsibility for returning or renewing loans on time regardless of receipt of notifications.

To avoid fines and penalties check myLibrary regularly.

Library notifications type
Library - Your borrowed item is due back soon Courtesy reminder sent when an item on loan to you will soon be due for renewal or return
Library - Items due today Reminder notification sent on day item is due
Library - New due date on your borrowed item An item on loan to you is requested by someone else
Library - Lost item fines An item on loan changes to lost status, it incurs a lost and replacement fee
Library - Your requested item is ready for collection An item requested by you is awaiting collection from the hold shelf. Items are generally held for 5 days
Library - Cancellation of your request An item you have requested cannot be found or your request has been cancelled
Library - Personal delivery notification As an off-campus borrower, an item you requested is ready to be delivered to your registered address
Library - Your borrowed item is overdue An item you have on loan is 15 days overdue
Library - Shortened due date on your borrowed item The due date of an item on loan to you has been shortened
Library - Item loan receipt A loan receipt for an item borrowed on your account
Library - Item return receipt A return receipt for an item borrowed on your account
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