Confidential data sources

ABS TableBuilder products, CURFs and Census DataPacks

UNSW Sydney is a registered participating university with the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS). Microdata is available to current UNSW staff and postgraduate research students only.

The ABS provides step by step instructions on How to Apply for Microdata under Register and activate your account. Follow steps 1 - 4. Use your UNSW email address, otherwise access will be declined. Scroll down to Subscribe to paid products and follow the instructions.

All TableBuilder, Basic and Expanded CURFs and Detailed Microdata products are listed in Available Microdata. Select the link next to each product for further information, including a data item list in the Downloads tab.

A comparison chart of these products is available in Access Modes and Levels of Detail. For information on the differences between TableBuilder Basic and Pro, see TableBuilder - details. ABS suggests bookmarking the Microdata Entry Page.

For further information regarding the application process email University Librarian's Department.


The HILDA (Household, Income and Labour Dynamics in Australia) Survey is a household based panel study. It provides insight into economic circumstances over time and the persistence of income disadvantage for individual households.

The survey began in 2001 and collects information regarding economic and personal well-being, labour market and family dynamics. For more information about the HILDA Survey, see HILDA survey.

Access to the HILDA datasets is only available to current UNSW academic staff and postgraduate researchers. For more information on how to register for HILDA, see NCLD Dataverse.

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