FAQs for thesis digital deposit

Do I need to submit my thesis to UNSW Library before my graduation?

Yes, as soon as you receive the official degree completion notice from UNSW Sydney Graduate Research School or UNSW Canberra Research Student Unit.

Why am I required to submit two digital copies of my thesis?

All thesis submissions (final version approved by UNSW) are required to have two digital copies of your thesis included in the submission process – a master copy and a public copy.

What is the difference between the master copy and the public version?

Master copy

The master copy will be archived and will not be publicly accessible. The master copy of your completed thesis must include signed and dated copies of the following forms:

  • Originality statement
  • Copyright statement  and  Authenticity statement
  • Thesis/Dissertation Sheet
  • Inclusion of Publications Statement

Note: You need to provide digital or handwritten signatures. Remember to include a witness signature in the Thesis dissertation Sheet – anyone can be a witness.  A typed name is not accepted as a signature.

The public copy

The public version of your thesis must include the same forms as the master copy without the signatures. The public version will be made available online and it must be modified by you to exclude any third party copyright material for which permission has not been given.

For more information contact UNSW Sydney Graduate Research School or UNSW Canberra Research Student Unit.

Where do I find the templates for the Originality Statement, Copyright Statement/Authenticity Statement and Thesis/Dissertation Sheet?

The Graduate Research School provides templates for these documents.

Is a digital signature acceptable?

Yes, digital or handwritten signatures are acceptable. Your name as typed text only will not be accepted.

Why am I not able to upload my digital thesis file?

It may be the size of your file is very large which can result in it taking longer to upload, please be patient.

Other possible reasons are: The internet speed/connection may be slow. Try to use another browser – we recommend Chrome or Firefox. Clear the cookies in your browser. If you still have a problem then upload your files via Dropbox and email the file to Library digital thesis team.

Can I submit a single file if the master and public copies are the same?

No. You still need to submit two pdf files, one labelled as public and the other as master.

Where do I find the copyright guidelines for digital thesis?

For information on copyright guidelines see Copyright and your thesis.

If I don’t have copyright permission, what should I do with the material in my digital thesis?

For information on copyright permissions see Copyright and your thesis. See Requesting permission.

For more information see copyright Basics and FAQs.

What if my zpass or student ID has expired?

If your student ID and password have expired, we can submit your thesis on your behalf. Please email the thesis files (master and public copy) to Library digital thesis team as attachments.  You must provide the required following information when completing the online submission of your thesis:

  • Details of your thesis supervisor: Surname, First name, Faculty and School in order
  • Thesis keywords
  • Abstract
  • Your student ID no and school/faculty

I have submitted my thesis but MyUNSW student record still indicates that I have not submitted my thesis.

If you are concerned about this, you should contact UNSW Sydney Graduate Research School or UNSW Canberra Research Student Unit directly and advise them that you have submitted your digital thesis. The deposit notification email that you received is proof that you have submitted your digital thesis. Please note that it does take a few days between when you submit and when your UNSW student record is updated.

Do I secure the PDF file with password encryption?

The Library does not accept any digital thesis that has security settings when making it available in UNSWorks.

You can restrict your thesis up to 24 months. If you want access to your thesis restricted for longer than 24 months, it is necessary to obtain approval from UNSW Sydney Graduate Research School or UNSW Canberra Research Student Unit at least 6 months prior to the anticipated date of submission.



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