For researchers and creators

UNSW is a leader in the creation of copyright content. UNSW researchers write thousands of articles, book chapters and papers each year. UNSW artists create new works and contribute to the cultural identity of Australia on a daily basis.

Materials in this section provide information on incorporating others’ works into your works and on managing copyright in your works.

Check out the following topics:

Quoting materials in research
Find out more about using others’ works in your own research, both for coursework and for publication.

Copyright and your thesis
Find out more about using others’ works in the public version of your thesis, which will appear in UNSWorks.

Copyright ownership
Find out more about who owns the copyright in works.

Managing your copyright
Find out more about publication agreements, open access licences, legal deposit, copyright notices and earning royalties.

Being a publisher
Find out more about how to manage a website or other collection of others' works, including getting copyright permissions and respecting moral rights.

Find out more about using materials in UNSWorks, depositing materials in UNSWorks and removing materials from UNSWorks.

Responsibility for compliance
Find out more about how copyright compliance relates to you as a UNSW staff member or student.

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