Educational statutory licence

There are a number of provisions and exceptions in the Copyright Act 1968 that allows third party copyright material to be used for educational purposes without having to seek permission from the copyright owner.

The Copyright Act 1968 contains an educational statutory licence that allows universities to copy and communicate works and broadcast for educational purposes, subject to a number of conditions.

UNSW has entered into a number of licence agreements between Universities Australia and the following collecting societies:

  • Copyright Agency for the copying and communication of print and graphic copyright material
  • Screenrights for the copying and communication of TV and radio broadcasts
  • APRA AMCOS, PPCA and ARIA for the copying and communication of music

As of 22nd December 2017, the previous educational statutory licences, Part VA and Part VB have been replaced with a new simplified statutory licence set out in section 113P of the Act. The new statutory licence removes copying limits from the Act but allows for greater flexibility on what can be negotiated and agreed with the collecting societies (Copyright Agency and Screenrights) in relation to copying and communication of third party copyright materials.

The current agreement with the Copyright Agency does not expire until 31 December 2018 however staff will still be able to copy and communicate works under the new statutory licence if the amount is no more than the amount that would have been permitted under Part VB.

The current agreement with Screenrights terminated on 31 December 2017. Whilst a new agreement is being negotiated, staff can continue to rely on the new statutory licence to copy and communicate broadcasts. There are no copying and communication limits for broadcasts under the new statutory licence (this is also the case under Part VA statutory licence).

Specific information about limits and conditions about course materials:

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