Course materials

This section provides detailed information about providing course materials to your students, whether your classroom be face-to-face, fully online or blended.

Check out the following topics:

Educational statutory licence
Find out more about the educational statutory licence in the Copyright Act 1968 that allows copyright materials to be used for teaching purposes.

Electronic course materials
Find out how to provide your students with course materials in Moodle or any password-protected learning management system. From here, you will find pages specifically addressing course readings, images, films and videos, student work and other materials.

Printing course materials
Find out how to provide your students with printed course materials, either for course packs or for ad hoc additional readings.

Recording lectures
Find out more about copyright and lecture recordings, including what you can record and where you can post your recordings.

Course sharing websites
Find out how to remove UNSW course materials from illegal course sharing websites.

Responsibility for compliance
Find out more about how copyright compliance relates to you as a UNSW staff member or student.

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