Library notifications - email & SMS

UNSW Library may send notifications to borrowers via email. These notifications relate to reservation/hold requests, recalled items, overdue items, sighting for re-issue of staff loans and fines for lost items.

Notifications for UNSW users are sent to your official UNSW email account.

Notifications for non-UNSW users are sent to the email address nominated on your application form.

If you use a SPAM filter, ensure you include as a legitimate sender of emails.

All notifications from UNSW Library are a courtesy only and non-receipt of a notification is not a valid reason to waive fines. Notifications may fail to reach you due to factors beyond UNSW Library's control. You are responsible for returning or renewing loans on time regardless of receipt of notifications.

To avoid fines and penalties check myLibrary regularly

Notification type Reason for issue
When an item becomes overdue
 Hold request
When an item reserved by you is awaiting collection from the Reservation area. Items are held for 3 days
When an item on loan to you is reserved by another borrower
When an item on loan to you will soon be due for renewal or return
 Summary bill for lost material
Once an item on loan to you becomes 30 days overdue. This incurs a lost/replacement fee
Borrowing privileges are blocked until overdue items are returned

SMS Terms of Service and opt in/out instructions

UNSW Library SMS Service is suspended until further notice.