You talked. We listened.

In 2018, UNSW Library started a project to find out how you use Library spaces. We wanted to know:

  • how UNSW students use the Main and Law Library physical spaces
  • what students need from those spaces
  • how UNSW Library compares to other Group of Eight (GO8) Australian university libraries

For more information read the full Library spaces utilisation and needs report.

You talked

Almost 3,000 people completed our survey. Over 900 people put up post-it notes on our graffiti boards. We interviewed over 130 people after using Library spaces. We also observed how you liked to interact with our spaces and your furniture preferences. Your message was clear: you want more space, desks, and chairs. You want an increase in quiet places to study. You want places to recharge your devices, as well as a kitchen for food and drinks. You want us to be open longer hours.

You talked. We listened.

We listened

Find out what others had to say about your study spaces, what we have delivered and what is in the plans.

The environment is more study-focused,” one student told us about studying at the Library. “Productivity is higher than if I study at home.” You told us that you like studying at the Library but can’t always find a place to sit. In fact, over half of you told us that space and seating issues or the Library being too crowded, was one of the main reasons you wouldn’t use Library spaces.

In March 2018, the Library opened a new range of individual and collaborative study choices with 300 additional seats on Level 2 of the Main Library, printers and a designated eating area with kitchenette. All of it is available 24/7.

Early 2019 saw the refurbishment of the Law Library with features including 250 additional quiet student study spaces, ergonomically designed furniture with power points for charging devices, printers and a designated eating area with kitchenette.

In 2019, the Library is actively working to increase seating space and showcase art/student work in the Library. We are also currently investigating how you use the spaces in UNSW Paddington Library.


What you asked for What we have done
Open longer hours Created a 24/7 study space on Level 2 of the Main Library and opened longer on weekends
More space Added over 300 spaces in the Main Library and 250 spaces in the Law Library
Extra USB & power points New desks are equipped with study lamps, USB & power points for more flexibility
Kitchen facilities Kitchenettes are available for students: Ground Level in the Law Library and 24/7 on Level 2 of the Main Library
More private study areas The new spaces have individual study choices with privacy screens and individual lighting
More group study areas In addition to the existing group areas, more collaborative spaces have been created
Extra relaxation areas A flexible range of comfortable lounge areas have been created
More quiet zones Designated quiet and silent floors in the Main Library
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