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UNSW Alumni mural commission: Lisa Sammut

UNSW graduate Lisa Sammut will create a public mural, titled Waiting room in the lift foyer of Level 3, UNSW Main Library. Infused with a sense of optimism, possibility and curiosity, this work seeks to create a space for visitors on the precipice of movement and exploration. This work will connect with the diverse student and staff population and highlight the innovation and excellence of UNSW graduates. Keep an eye out for Lisa working away from Tuesday, 3 December 2019.

UNSW Alumni mural commission: Louise Zhang

Chinese-Australian artist Louise Zhang will create a public mural in the lift foyer of Level 2, UNSW Main Library. This is the first commission of its kind and will engage the lifts as gateways to knowledge, information and learning. This work celebrates the the diversity of the student population and reflects the excellence of UNSW graduates.

Laptop loan lockers

Laptops are now available for loan at Main Library.

Students can borrow laptops for up to 4 hours at a time, from self-service lockers on Level 2. Use your UNSW ID card to borrow a laptop.

Book giveaway

The Library continuously reviews its collection to ensure its usefulness to the UNSW community. We have recently identified books that haven’t been used in many years and no longer meet our rigorous and responsible collection maintenance criteria. These books are given away to our community. You can find the current giveaways inside the entrance on Level 2 of the Main Library near the return chute.

Library building essential services upgrade

There is major essential fire safety services upgrade work taking place throughout the Main Library building including some student areas during 2019 and early 2020. You will see blocked off areas on various levels as the work progresses. While each area is being worked on, hoardings will be in place. In some locations, collection resources will be temporarily moved to Library storage and available by request. These areas will be returned to student use as soon as work is completed.

Print journal facility

UNSW Library’s new facility to house our print journal collection is in development. Located at the Randwick campus, all print journals other than our current subscriptions and a selection of folios will be located at the new facility. When completed, access to the collection will be via a journal article scan and deliver service or as a visitor to the reading room, upon appointment. For any academic queries in the interim, please contact either Jane Knowles or Megan Saville.

Next Generation Digital Repositories

UNSW Library will meet the changing needs and expectations of institutions, funders and researchers by transforming UNSW’s digital repositories and managing a diverse range of digital content including theses, research outputs (traditional and non-traditional), research data and digitised collections in line with international best-practice.

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