Student Minds are taking over the Library Retreat Space this exams

28/04/2021 - 12:50pm

Student Minds is the student voice on mental health. Their purpose is to open the minds of students, creating and understanding of the importance of mental health and connecting students with resources that will help them thrive during their studies.

We know exam season is a high pressure time for students. That's why we've joined forces with Student Minds to ensure that all students receive the support they deserve.

To ensure this and to celebrate University Mental Health Day, the Student Minds team will be outside the Main Library offering peer support check-ins on Tuesday 4 May between 12pm - 5pm.

But that’s not all, Student Minds will be taking over the Retreat Space on Level 3 so students can have the opportunity to unwind, decompress and check in with their peers.

Student Minds take over the Retreat Space

From Wednesday 28 April to Friday 7 May, Student Minds peer support check-in will be available between 1pm - 3pm. So if you need to take a break from your studies, need someone to talk to or just need a space to decompress, head to Level 3 of the Main Library on Kensington Campus to meet with one of our Students Minds peer support workers.

Here’s what you can expect from the Student Minds team

  • Create a welcoming safe space for students who are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out to come and relax.
  • Peer support offered by a MHFA trained Student Minds volunteer, giving students an opportunity to confidentially speak to another student about what's been stressing them out.
  • Volunteers will discuss healthy stress management and self-care techniques with students.
  • Information on support services available at UNSW and externally will be provided along with additional resources including study plans and stress management tips.

The Library Retreat Space will only be accessible when a peer is there and we'll be keeping to strict COVID safe practices so be sure to check in using the QR code at the entrance to the Main Library.

Dates and Times:
Wednesday 28 April to 7 May
1pm to 3pm (Retreat Space will only be accessible when a peer is there)

Main Library Retreat Space Level 3

Primary: Roisin Trainor, Health Promotions Coordinator
Secondary: Nayonika Debashish Bhattacharya, Student Minds Coordinator

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