Do Something! An exhibition showcasing creative interventions & responses to climate change. Wicked collective project 01.

!DO SOMETHING award winners

28/10/2022 - 9:39am

Congratulations to Hank Haeusler, winner of the inaugural Bruce Mau Prize; Toby Castles, winner of the 2022 Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture Dean's Prize; and Rachel Vosila, winner of People's Choice Award for their innovative sustainable design solutions. You can see their work in !DO SOMETHING until Friday 18 November at UNSW Main Library Level 5.

This exhibition presents creative responses and interventions to the wicked problem of Climate Change from students and staff across the Faculty of Arts, Design and Architecture (ADA). These works all relate to one or more of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, and were created since the formation of ADA in 2020. !DO SOMETHING is part of the ADA Now Festival 2022.


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Winner of Bruce Mau award. 3D printed object made of multiple stacked curving forms on a plinth.
Winner of ADA Dean's award. Series of 6 photographs in a grid of QR codes installed in urban spaces with people are interacting.
Winner of People's choice award. Display case with a pile of dried kelp in foreground and a stack of empty oyster shells with resulting kelpist product in background.
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