Desk availability at Law Library

19/07/2022 - 6:13pm

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UNSW Library has launched a new initiative for desk availability and occupancy at Law Library.

You can now check in real time if any individual desks are available in the Law Library. With more than 270 individual bookable and non-bookable desks, this will make it easier, faster and more convenient to find an available desk.

A sensor installed at each desk detects the presence (or absence) of a person sitting/standing. It will then report an occupied or unoccupied status. No personal data is collected or stored as a result of this detection technology.

Reported occupancy status refreshes on a regular basis. The location of the desk displays on a digital floor plan for both Ground Level and Level 1. You will be able to see on the website how many desks are available before arriving at the Law Library. Digital map displays at the Law Library entrance show where to find a desk. The desk availability display does not indicate which desks are booked or have a computer.

Ground Level

Desks on Ground Level are available for all Library visitors.

Level 1

Desks on Level 1 are available for all Library visitors and UNSW students can book a desk.

Desks on Level 1 showing as available may have a booking. If a bookable desk or computer is free you can check or book it on the spot using the QR code. If someone occupies your booked study space, show them your confirmation email.

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