Study well. Your Library is here to support you.

Library services and facilities are here to help you during this study and exam period. In addition to extended hours, the Library offers flexible quiet/silent study areas, resources for managing exam stress and a place to recharge. Choose a space that suits you.

Remember to stay hydrated, eat well and take breaks to study well.

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Pick a study space and time that suits you

  • Silent - Levels 6 & 7 of the Main Library
  • Quiet - Levels 5 & 8 of the Main Library
  • Group - Levels 2, 3, 4 of the Main Library
  • Main and Law Libraries are open until midnight with Main Library Level 2 still 24/7 so you can stay later and study longer. For more information see Opening hours.

 See also other Kensington campus facilities to study for current students.

Library support services

Don’t forget, Library staff are available to answer your questions in the Help Zone and Drop-in research support is available.

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Managing stress and practicing mindfulness

Check out our featured collection with some hand-picked online resources to help you manage exams, stress and student life.

Looking for short articles? Here are some more great resources:

See also ARC Exams FAQ, preparation tips and essential exams information for current students.

Decorative image - Retreat Space

Retreat Space

May 1 – May 18

To make life a little bit easier for students during this anxious time, we’ve transformed the Library’s Exhibitions Space on Level 5 into a Retreat Space where students can take a break.

In this space you’ll be able to relax on bean bags in a tranquil oasis, have fun with board games and Lego and look after your mental health with mindfulness resources.

Join us in the Retreat Space for free events - limited time only.

Food in the library

Facilities to study well

  • You are welcome to eat snacks inside UNSW Libraries.
  • Meals can be eaten in areas where hot water, microwaves and kitchenettes are available:
    • Main Library Level 2 (hot water available in rear kitchenette)
    • Main Library Level 4 postgraduate study space kitchenette
    • Law Library Ground Level study space kitchenette
  • Water bubblers are available:
    • Main Library lift foyers
    • Law Library Ground level
    • Outside Paddington Library entrance

For more information, see Main, Law and Paddington Library.

Library desks are for everyone

Library desks are for everyone

Remember, Library desks cannot be reserved. To ensure everyone has fair usage during this busy period, any unattended belongings may be removed to free up study spaces. Thanks for taking your belongings with you.

For more information see Left property policy.

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We are here to help you

If you have any concerns such as excessive noise or unacceptable behaviour, contact the Library during staffed hours. Raising a concern immediately can help Library staff help you in a timely manner.

For after hours or emergency assistance, including safety escort and shuttle services, use the UNSW Security Help Point intercoms in the Library. For further information see UNSW Campus Security.

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