Main Library

Main Library is located in Kensington and offers access to a wide range of materials, both print and online in the fields of arts & social sciences, built environment, business, engineering, medicine and science. See Main Library collection range for more information.

Help Zone: +61 2 9385 2650
Address: Main Library, UNSW Sydney, NSW 2052 Australia

UNSW Sydney map (Kensington campus) - reference F21

Main Library - Help Zone

Help Zone

The Help Zone is located inside the Library entrance. Visit us during staffed hours for assistance with your enquiries.

  • Borrow and return items
  • Pick up interlibrary loans
  • Pick up DVD and other requested items
  • Research assistance
  • Search the Library collection computer
Main Library - Borrow, request, renew, return and recall

Borrow and return items

These facilities are located near the Help Zone on Level 2. You can borrow/return items using the self-check machines and return loans via the return chute located near the Help Zone. The after hours return chute is located inside the Library Student Lounge.

High Use Collection

The High Use Collection room is located near the Help Zone on Level 2. Short loans and requested items are located here. Borrow and return short loan items using the self-check machines in the High Use Collection room. Late return of these items will incur fines.

Main Library - Group study rooms

Group study rooms

Log in to Room bookings to book a group study room or media booth. Group study rooms are available on Levels 2, 3 & 4 and are equipped with LCD screens and whiteboards. Media booths are available on Level 3 only and are equipped with an LCD screen and DVD/video player. Borrow headphones, VGA and HDMI cables from the Help Zone during staffed hours for use in any of these rooms.

Main Library - Computer lounge


Computers are available throughout the Library. Check computer availability display screens to locate any available computer within the Library. For WiFi access, UNSW Wireless Network (UniWide) is available throughout the Library for use with personal devices. Computer labs are located on Level 3. These computers and rooms are available for students to use when not booked by Library staff for classes.

Main Library - Print Copy Services

Print/Copy services

Help phones are located in the Print/Copy areas on Levels 3-9 for print copy scan enquiries. Further assistance is available at the Print/Copy Services desk opposite the Level 2 lift foyer. Colour and B&W print/copy/scanners are available throughout the Library at the Print/Copy stations.

Print & Copy recharge

Add credit to your UNSW ID card at any recharge station, at the Help Zone or pay online. See UNSW IT Services Campus Printers for charges.

Main Library - Student Study Lounge

Student lounge

Located on Level 2, the Student lounge is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week during Semester 1 & 2. It is monitored by onsite security guards. Access after 10.00pm is by ID card only. WiFi is available within this space. During breaks and summer session, the Student lounge is open during standard Library opening hours. The Student lounge is closed during the Getting Started period at the beginning of semester.

Main Library - Postgraduate Study Space

Postgraduate study space

For postgraduate students only, this space is open during Main Library opening hours. Access this space using your student ID card. Log in to Room bookings to book a group study room. Study desks, computers and printers are available.

Main Library - Wayfinder Kiosk

Touch screen kiosks

Touch screen kiosks are located in the Main Library and Law Library. Use them to locate group study rooms, collections, computer areas and facilities such as toilets, printers, lifts and stairs. You can also use them to locate facilities, faculties and services on the Kensington & Paddington campuses.

Main Library - Newspapers and music

Newspapers & music

Newspapers are available in the Computer Lounge on Level 2.

A collection of music CDs can be found on Level 3 near the front stairs. CDs can be borrowed or used on a Library computer or personal device. Headphones can be borrowed from the Help Zone.

Main Library - Maps and microforms

Maps & microforms

Map collection is located on Level 3. For assistance, ask at the Help Zone. A large scale printer and light table is available for viewing and printing maps. For more information on finding print and online maps.

Microform collection is located on Level 4. It includes newspapers, statistics, journals and conference papers. Microform readers are available for viewing and printing.

Main Library - Facilities



  • Male toilets (including an ambulant cubicle) are located on Levels 2, 3, 4, 5, 7 and 9
  • Female toilets (including an ambulant cubicle) are located on Levels 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8
  • Accessible unisex toilets with baby change tables are located on Levels 2 and 3


Whiteboards are located on Levels 2, 3, 4 and 6. Erasers and markers are available for use on site. More are available from the Help Zone if required.

Also in this Library

  • Search the Library collection computers on each level
  • Lifts and stairs to all Library levels
  • Library Help Point phone near lift foyer on each level (except Level 2)
  • Stairs to UNSW Archives on Level 1
  • UNSW Security Help Point intercom located in the lift foyer on each level and in the Postgraduate study space on Level 4
  • USB charger outlets
  • Water bubblers are located in the lift foyer on each level
  • Snack vending machines are located at the Library entrance on Level 2

Main Library - Assistive Technology Centre

Assistive technology centre

The Assistive technology centre is located in room 207, on Level 2. Register to use this room with Disability Support Services.

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