UNSW Library Unstacked

12/03/2020 - 1:20pm

This exhibition is temporarily closed.

UNSW Library Unstacked is an upcoming live data visualisation that displays and interprets usage of the UNSW Library collection in real-time, communicating the scale, breadth and depth of library research activity that is otherwise invisible. This exhibition showcases the design and development of UNSW Library Unstacked over the past year and features the in-development live visualisation. It includes working examples of the visual development and technical processes that power the visualisation. UNSW Library Unstacked will be on permanent display at the entrance to the Main Library later in the year.

Each time someone accesses an item online in the Library collection, it is reflected live in UNSW Library Unstacked. Every view is counted and mapped to high-level disciplines which broadly connect with UNSW faculties, revealing the level of library research that happens across the University each day. Unstacked highlights individual titles as they are viewed and tracks the most-viewed items in the Library each day.

This innovative intersection of data, visual communication and library science is a collaboration between UNSW Library and the Unstacked team led by visual communicator Elisa Lee. UNSW Library Unstacked builds on the original Unstacked infrastructure developed by Elisa Lee and Adam Hinshaw with a DX Lab Fellowship at the State Library of New South Wales. UNSW Library Unstacked is a flagship initiative, transforming library spaces through the integration of innovative digital experiences.

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Exhbition installation show showing Unstacked display
UNSW Library Unstacked - exhibition installation view 2
Exhibition installation view 3
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