Hitler. Quellen, 1924-45 Online

New resource - Hitler. Quellen, 1924-45 Online

25/09/2018 - 2:05pm

Hitler's written legacy as contained in Hitler. Quellen, 1924-45 Online represents a unique source for studying Hitler's world-view and his political ambitions. The most important resource for the database is the edition published by the Institute of Contemporary History (IFZ) titled "Hitler - Speeches, Writings, Proclamations" (1925-33). It focuses on Hitler's speeches, by far the most effective propaganda tools for the National Socialist movement up to 1933. The edition is based on many years of research as well as a thorough evaluation of the news coverage of Hitler's appearances as a speaker. In addition, the database contains the more than 1 700 documents from the Max Domarus edition (1932-1945) that first appeared in 1965. These documents are incorporated into a commentary that provides a chronology of events and historical background information as well as the author's interpretations of Hitler's political utterances. The source collection is supplemented by documentation of Hitler's trial for high treason in 1924.

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