01/10/2018 - 3:29pm

Exhibition: 8 -25 October, UNSW Library Exhibitions Space Level 5
Opening: Thursday 11 October, 5.30pm – All welcome

Be inspired by the creative work of UNSW Built Environment undergraduate students in LUMINOCITY, presented in UNSW Library’s Exhibitions Space.

This exhibition showcases models and designs produced by current UNSW students working across all Buil Environment disciplines. The work on display reveals how students use their technical skills and creative thinking to address the challenges of shaping future cities.

Join us on the opening night to hear from Professor Helen Lochhead, Dean of UNSW Built Environment .

LUMINOCITY is the annual UNSW Built Environment undergraduate exhibition and this year’s exhibition was first unveiled at the Red Centre as part of UNSW Open Day.

LUMINOCITY - Installation 1
LUMINOCITY - Installation 2
LUMINOCITY - Installation 3
LUMINOCITY - Installation 4
LUMINOCITY - Installation 5
LUMINOCITY - Opening night 1
LUMINOCITY - Opening night 2
LUMINOCITY - Opening night 3
LUMINOCITY - Opening night 4
LUMINOCITY - Opening night 5
LUMINOCITY - Opening night 6
LUMINOCITY - Opening night 7
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