Tharunka is a University of New South Wales student magazine. Established in 1953 at the then New South Wales University of Technology, Tharunka has continued to be published in a variety of forms by various student organisations. As UNSW's longest running student publication, Tharunka is the political, social and cultural journal for all students on campus.

Tharunka is available online in Library collection with the latest volume available the following year.

Archived newspaper articles of Tharunka from 1953 - 2010 are fully searchable on Trove, making this historical social archive easily accessible.

Note: Volumes may not contain all issues. If you have missing issues that can be digitised, please contact the Library.

How to search within Tharunka on Trove

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To initiate another search, return to the search box on this page or leave the search limited to "Title: Tharunka...". Add other subject terms to search within the Tharunka newspaper archive.

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