Corporate publications

UNSW Library has digitised a number of historical faculty and college handbooks and calendars, some of which have been made accessible online.

For more information on access to the following digitised titles, contact UNSW Archives.

  • AGSM Handbooks
  • Alexander Mackie College Calendar and Handbooks
  • City Art Institute Handbooks
  • St George Institute of Education Handbooks
  • UNSW Annual Reports
  • UNSW Conferring of Degrees Ceremony Programs

Access to all the above original print material is also available by contacting UNSW Archives.

UNSW Calendar 1960
UNSW Calendar 1979
UNSW Calendar 1999
UNSW Calendar 2002
Conferring of Degrees 1964
Conferring of Degrees 1979
Conferring of Degrees 1997
Conferring of Degrees 2006
Conferring of Degrees 2012
Conferring of Degrees 2015
UNSW Annual Report 1957
UNSW Annual Report 1987
UNSW Annual Report 1999
Faculty Handbook RMC 1968
Faculty Handbook AMC 1972
Faculty Handbook Arts 1978
Faculty Handbook Architecture 1982
Faculty Handbook Commerce 1984
Faculty Handbook City Art 1987
Faculty Handbook St George 1988
Faculty Handbook COFA 1993
Faculty Handbook Engineering 1993
Faculty Handbook AGSM 1994
Faculty Handbook Law 2000
Faculty Handbook Science 2000
Faculty Handbook Medicine 2001
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