FAQs for Click and Collect

From Monday 11 May and while our physical collection is closed, High Use and general collection books from Main, Law and Paddington Libraries are available to UNSW Sydney staff and students via our 'Click and Collect' service.

Who can use the retrieval service?

Click and Collect is available to UNSW Sydney staff and students.

A mediated retrieval service is available for UNSW Canberra staff and students requiring physical items from the UNSW Canberra Academy Library collection.

How does it work?

Find the books you want to request from our Library collection.

  1. Fill in the Click and Collect form providing us details of the book - all you will need is the title and the item location​ e.g. ​Main Library Level 7 839.8/SAN/1
  2. We will collect the available item(s) for you at each Library location and let you know when they are ready​.
  3. You can conveniently pick them up from the collection point at the relevant library​.

Books currently on loan can not be requested.

Collect books from the Library where they are held e.g. books on shelf at Main Library can only be collected from Main Library.

What can I borrow?

Loans are limited to books from the UNSW Library on-site collection only. High Use Collection and books in high demand can be borrowed but for shorter borrowing periods.

Usual High Use Collection limits apply - you may borrow no more than two High Use Collection books at a time.

A maximum of 10 books can be requested at a time.

Items not currently available through Click and Collect service include multimedia, microform, valuable and rare items (in Library use only), theses, medical models and items in off site storage.

Items from the UNSW Canberra Academy Library are currently not available for loan to UNSW Sydney students and staff.

What if the book I want is out on loan already?

You cannot request items currently out on loan.

To discuss your requirements and possible alternative resources, you can contact us via phone, Library chat or Ask a question form.

Can I request a book from one UNSW Library location to be collected from another?

Requesting items for pick-up at a different location is currently not available. Items can only be collected from the location where the item is held e.g. if you wish to borrow a book from the Law Library collection you will need to collect it from the Law Library.

Can I get interlibrary loans?

Staff and eligible students can request interlibrary loans for items available electronically. No print interlibrary loans can be ordered at the moment, due to widespread closures of libraries nationally and internationally.

How long will it take before I can collect my items?

You will receive an email from us within two business days. This email will tell you the loan details for each requested item, how long you can borrow them for and where to collect them from.

How long will you hold my items for collection?

High Use Collection and high demand books need to be collected within one working day.

You will need to collect other items within three working days of the email being sent. After that time items will be returned to the shelves.

Where can I collect my items from?

Make sure you only come to the Library after receiving notification that your items are ready for collection.

You can collect from the following collection points and opening hours:

Library Collection point Opening hours
Main Library Collect from Main Library 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday
Law Library Collect from after-hours entrance on Union Road 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday
Paddington Library Collect from Paddington Library 10am to 2pm, Monday to Friday

How long can I keep my loans?

High Use Collection books can be borrowed for up to 24 hours and must be returned by the due date and time. Usual High Use Collection limits apply - you may borrow no more than two High Use Collection books at a time. Fines apply for late returns.

Books in high demand can be borrowed for 7 days and must be returned by the due date. Fines apply for late returns.

Standard loans - there are no changes to standard collection loan periods. Items will automatically renew if the due date is reached.

Check your myLibrary for due dates.

How do I return my items?

You will only need to return High Use Collection and high demand items at this time.

The Library’s external returns chutes are open for you to return items:

  • Main Library - at the back of the Library near UNSW IT Service Centre and tutorial rooms 176A and 176B
  • Law Library - on Union Road
  • Paddington Library - near Gate 1 on Greens road

What hygiene protocols are in place?

The Library has maintained strict hygiene protocols in line with UNSW Sydney and government guidelines. These protocols will be required to be adhered to by all UNSW staff and students. Library staff use gloves and masks and follow strict materials handling protocols. Items returned to the Library will undergo a quarantine period of 24 hours prior to being discharged from your record and being available for request again.

Please do not attend campus to collect items if you are unwell.

Can I use the Library buildings or facilities?

Yes. Limited access to some study spaces is currently available at the Main, Law and Paddington Libraries. These spaces will be open for essential visits only. Students and staff who do not absolutely need to be on campus should continue to work from home until further notice.

In order to be able to access the study space you must book via Eventbrite prior to visiting any library. There are also a limited number of printing only tickets for each location available. These tickets give you access to the library for a short period of time for printing only. You must then leave.

Printing and student PCs (Macs at Paddington) are available at all locations, as are Laptop loans at Main Library.

For more information on conditions and opening hours see our update on changes to Library services and spaces.

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