System requirements for Library electronic resources

The following computer system requirements are recommended for accessing UNSW Library's electronic resources.

Supported browsers

  • Chrome 58 and above
  • Firefox 48 and above
  • Firefox ESR 45 and above
  • Safari 9 for macOS and above
  • Internet Explorer 11 and above (including Edge)

Native Android browsers (pre Chrome) are not supported.

Internet Explorer browsers may not be able to make full use of available features when exploring the Library collection.

For mobile phone compatibility, students should use Uni-Verse (the official UNSW mobile app) when searching the Library collection.

Browser settings

  • Javascript must be enabled
  • Cookies must be enabled
  • Cache must be cleared
  • Pop-up windows must be enabled
  • Foreign language characters must be enabled
  • Bookmarks should not be used because URLs are constantly being changed by suppliers and many are subject to redirects, session IDs and authentication details

Security software / firewall restrictions

Access to UNSW Library's electronic resources may be prevented by:

  • internet security software on personal computers (e.g. Norton Internet Security, Symantec)
    • turn off the software temporarily and check if this restores access
  • firewall restrictions at a non-campus location (e.g. your workplace) may be indicated by the following error messages:
    • access denied
    • the requested item could not be loaded by the proxy

Usernames and passwords

Log into UNSW Library Login screens with your current activated UNSW staff / student number and zPass. Contact IT at UNSW if you do not have your login details.

Off-campus clients will be prompted with an additional login screen that requires your UNSW staff / student number and zPass. Once you have authenticated, we recommend that you sign in to myLibrary for full access to online resources.

You may need additional resource specific usernames and passwords to access some resources. These details are provided in a pop-up window called UNSW Library Electronic Resource Access. This window will pop-up when you try to access the resource.

Some client and membership groups are not eligible for University wide authentication and are therefore currently unable to access systems requiring a UNSW staff / student number and zPass.


In order to replicate on-campus access to Library resources you will need to connect via the UNSW VPN Library address. For more information on using the Library VPN URL, step by step connection guides and support see UNSW VPN Service.

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