Placing items into the High Use Collection

The High Use Collection has been established to provide high demand print items and a digitisation service for items not currently available online.

What items can be placed in the High Use Collection?

  • hardcopy books held by UNSW Library
  • digitised book chapters or journal articles that are not currently available online (where Copyright permits)

How do I submit high use items?

Items held by UNSW Library

Academic staff can make high use course related items available to students in the following ways:

  • email your list to have the Library locate and process these items. The items will be made available in the High Use Collection for short loan
  • request a digitised copy of items that are print only, such as journal articles or book chapters. The Library will investigate if it is possible to digitise a copy (Copyright Act part VB). If it is possible, the Library will then digitise and host the item and provide the link for you

Items not held by UNSW Library

  • submit purchase recommendations for any items not held in the Library's collection, indicating that the item is required for your course
  • for urgent requests, your personal copy of an item can be submitted for use in the High Use Collection until the ordered item arrives. Submit these in person at the Help Zone, Level 2, Main Library, Monday to Friday
  • contact your Outreach Librarian for further assistance

How can I make online content available to students?

Directly link to online content via your course management system i.e. Blackboard, wiki, course website (some exceptions may apply).

To ensure materials are available in the High Use Collection for students for a specific period, please notify us of your requirements at least 6 weeks prior to the beginning of that session. Requests will be processed as received.

Copyright guidelines

Refer to for the submission of items to the High Use Collection.