Research Impact Measurement Service (RIMS)

Our Research Impact Measurement Services (RIMS) can help you track and measure your research publications and citations.

UNSW Library provides extensive advisory services to help you select the best tool and metrics for measuring impact within your discipline and to support the use of a range of citation tracking tools such as Web of Science, Scopus, Google Scholar and InCites.

In addition to our advisory services a range of RIMS reports are available for:

  • Individuals - useful for enhancing promotion or grant applications
  • Schools and research groups - useful for determining output and impact of groups
  • Faculties - useful for comparing institutional groups (or another reason?)

Some RIMS reports are based on bibliometrics; the quantitative measurement of the impact of publications and citations which can include citation counts, h-indexes and journal impact. Other RIMS reports available are based on qualitative measurement of research impact such as citer analysis. These reports may be more appropriate depending on your research discipline or the purpose of your request.

Our Research Impact Guide, is a starting point to help you monitor and measure your research impact. The guide includes resources about journal impact, research profiles and citation databases.

Please see your Faculty Outreach Librarian for more information about the UNSW Library RIMS service and to discuss your needs.